Social Caring

Activities Services focus on the cognitive, physical, spiritual, community, social, creative as well as any selected special needs of each individual resident. Creating, supporting, developing, and restoring the resident’s appropriate lifestyle through structured activity programming will enable the resident to participate in opportunities that will help achieve his or her highest practicable level of function.

The services of the Activity Department assist the resident to manage tasks of daily life. Since leisure/recreation are important components of daily living and an integral part of holistic care, therapeutic approaches to activities and programs will be implemented and offered to each resident.

All residents and tenants of the community are invited to our sponsored group activity programs as well as use of the exercise equipment in the therapy room and also enjoying meal time with old friends and neighbors, we ask that you call a day ahead for a meal reservation.


Meals are served in a group setting, personal care assistance is also provided during meals. Guests are invited to share in meal times, we ask that you phone us 24-hour in advance to make accommodations ready for you. We have three dining halls to choose from or you may wish to enjoy your meal elsewhere around the community.

Meal options for the tenants include but not limited to: Low Sodium, High Fiber, Heart Healthy, Nothing Artificial and Weight Gain and Weight Loss Compliant.

It is exciting to be part of such a giving team. Good Shepherd ‘s welcoming environment makes all employees and residents feel as if they are where they truly belong. I look forward to being a part of the future of Good Shepherd.
Alan Jarecki, Administrator Assistant

Types of Activities

Activities for the Mind, Body & Spirit

  • Daily Exercise/Daily Devotions
  • Bible Studies
  • Baking & Cooking
  • Board Games
  • Music Programs
  • Outings
  • Crafts
  • Intergenerational Activities
  • Men’s & Women’s
  • RSVP (Retired Service Volunteer Program)
  • Special Service
  • Transportation
  • Pet Therapy
  • Support Groups
  • Hospices